Saturday, February 28, 2009

Biggest Loser!!!!!!

So it was finally time for an intervention. We were all trying to ignore the problem but it has become apparent.......Axel has gotten fat. He has ballooned up to an alarming weight of 11 3/4 pounds! We have also noticed a little bit of depression from his clothes no longer fitting and feeling fat around his new girlfriend.
So in light of this new information, we have decided to compete in a biggest loser competition!

Axel, Wilson, and myself are going to all participate sothat Axel does not feel so isolated and depressed. He needs to be at his target weight of 9 pounds so we are all cutting out treats and fatty food...and he is cutting out people food for that extra cheat so that he can win. We don't have a prize just yet, but hopefully this will cheer Axel up and get him back to his old cheery self and back in with all the ladies.

Getting Married!

So I'm really slow at this and here's the update. Axel has given his permission and I am getting married. To who you might ask? There's no man on this blog! Well introducing.....Wilson Cluney everyone and he's mine & Axel's forever. Wilson is from Hawaii and he is a general manager of 6 stores for Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt. (Yeah I said it, free yogurt for life, Axel is in heaven!) He is also coach for the varsity football team at Westview High School.

This is us at Balboa Nights down at Balboa Park in San Diego during Christmas time. Notice the tank top I'm wearing...yeah that's right, it's still super warm in December!
To the left is us at the YSA New Year's eve dance. Don't be intimidated by his "thugg-ish" appearance, he just needed to look tough to fend off all my other boyfriends that evening. We took a trip in january to Utah to go snowboarding and visit with friends. We quickly learned that Wilson was still a rookie and he busted his elbow and it was huge for the next month! It was a lot of fun though and he's going back again in March.

And the proposal....Wilson just knows how to make me feel special. We had roasted marshmallows for our first "date" and then for Christmas I bought him a marshmallow gun (yeah I know you're jealous). So what does he do? He spells it out with marshmallows to ask me to marry him. Although it didn't last long with Axel running around trying to eat them all and then pee on them. I think he was just jealous he wasn't getting all the attention.
Either way, we are both very happy and extremely excited to welcome Wilson into our little family and share our lives together. Maybe we'll even let him on the blog, but Axel is still being a little resistant to the idea so we'll see.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I don't know how to blog so...Hawaii part deux!

Dole Plantation...the second time when Wilson remembered his wallet, Partway up the Stairs of Death, The Larry topped with condensed milk yummmmmm!!!

Entrance to the stairs of death, or as the Hawaiians call it "Stairway to Heaven", the secret path out of the stairs through the bamboo forest, stairs of death

Freezing halfway up the stairs from the rain & wind
Wilson hanging out on the stairs taking a break

At the beginning leg of the stairs and already feeling my legs burning

My very first Larry, and the shave ice ever!!!!!

"The Larry" & Wilson's brother Ross, Ko'Olina Beach resort

Back to Bethlehem Ward Xmas Party, Some beach somewhere :)

The temple & Larry...again

Pali Lookout on a not so windy day. I guess the cool thing about this place is the way the wind blows through the mountains, but no wind this day. :(

The cliff by the lighthouse. Yeah not the brightest move ever
Hike up to the lighthouse

The US government wouldn't let us go in
We did the best that we could to find a way around the government but they just weren't having it that day

Pearl Harbor Stuff

Our hike up to diamond head definitely deserved a Larry afterward.
So I have more pics but this stupid blog thing is driving me crazy and keep deleting stuff and I can't do it anymore. Anyhow, it was an amazing trip!!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So Axel had to sit this one out but Wilson and I took a trip to Hawaii right before Christmas. It was the best! But don't worry I brought Axel home a sugar cane stick to chew on.

I don't know where most of these are but Wilson does so if you really care you can ask him. I do know that we went all over the place though and the highlight of the trip had to be "The Larry". Yeah its a shave ice that has it's own name because of how amazing it is. Check it out'll be jealous.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Me and All My Glory

So yeah rough summer eh? Had a few mishaps, saw a lot of friends and had lots of fun so who cares? I got a bike in the meantime so that earns me extra cool points to make up for everything.


So cheap entertainment around here we! Axel is terrified of the horses so he doesn't like to go but he lets me take Kristi along and we have a great time without him. Bacon-wrapped hotdogs...he doesn't know what he's missing!

Axel in All His Glory!

Yeah he's pretty much the laziest dog I've ever seen. When I have to get up early for work he gives me a dirty look when the alarm goes off and buries himself back under my covers. Who does he think he is? He's such a princess it's ridiculous but I guess it's my own fault.